What is Community Media Advanced?

Welcome to the Community Media Advanced (CMA) home page. CMA is a fork of the Community Media Drupal (CM Drupal) project and is an effort to continue development for stations and organizations that used to rely on the Difficult Starter Kit.

CM Drupal is a collaborative effort to provide a free, open source suite of tools built upon Drupal and CiviCRM to manage the internal and external workflow of a community based media organization including the projects, shows, people, events, media and metadata (including playback server integration).

To be able to fully take advantage of the CMA advanced modules, an organization will need a high level of technical support, be it in-house or through technical vendors. To get any or all of these modules working on your site will take careful planning and focused effort in implementation. Included documentation assumes an understanding of the Drupal and CiviCRM internal API’s.

For installing and maintaining these modules, please view the documentation. If you would like to upload a module check out the instructions here.

The CMA modules include:


  • CMA CiviCRM Certify Certifies participants of a CiviEvent. Certification is a fieldable Drupal entity.
  • CMA CiviCRM Multiday Event Creates Date based nodes in Drupal mirrored to CiviCRM
  • CMA Airing Defines Airing entity and provides some starter Views.
  • CMA Airing Conflict Defines Airing conflict entity and provides some starter Views.
  • CMA Airing Grid Module gives the ability to see a schedule of airings in grid form, showing a 6 hour time block for a whole quarter
  • CMA Batch Airing Reservations Module to create a menu hook that will create reservations for certain types of projects over a season of programming.
  • CMA Cablecast Provides Tightrope Cablecast integration for Community Media facilities. Integrates with the Community Media Project and Show modules.
  • CMA Cablecast Advanced Synch Provides Tightrope Cablecast integration for Community Media facilities. Integrates with the Community Media Project and Show modules.
  • CMA Cablecast Staff Links Adds links to Producer, Project, Show and Airing nodes and entities back to Cablecast Playback Server. Staff must be able to authenticate to Cablecast server to use.
  • CMA Community Media TV Schedules Allows stations to easily choose colors and have a responsive display of tv schedules. Can be integrated with other CMA modules to pull in data from a variety of master control systems.
  • CMA Crew Connect Provides helper files for managing crew connections. Relies on the Crew Request and Crew Application content types
  • CMA Inventory Adder Allows users to add any type of equipment or facility using the template content types
  • CMA Project Enables Project Content Type with only a Title field, a few Views, and a bit of UI. Add fields to the Project Content Type to complete the configuration.
  • CMA Project Picker Allows users to pick their project by ID or Name, then the results give links to the users.
  • CMA Program Import A module that creates a menu hook that provides a form to upload a CSV in order to create Shows and Airings.
  • CMA Reservations API Enable reservation options on any content type.
  • CMA Reservations: Email Sends confirmation or receipt emails when reservation is created or confirmed
  • CMA Reservations Inventory Adds an Inventory Taxonomy to Content Type and Nodes in that type. Can limit Reservable Items to specific items in UI.
  • CMA Reservations Inventory Adder Allows users to add any type of equipment or facility using the template content types
  • CMA Reservations Operator History Module will create a new table and store reservation operator history
  • CMA Reservations Pin Number Module will allow force operators to enter a pin number when creating/editing a reservation.
  • CMA Reservations Printable Contract Adds a printable contract option to Reservation nodes.
  • CMA Reservations Project Suggestor This module will use AJAX to populate a dive of the user’s projects upon selection of the Admin project field.
  • CMA Reservations Report Helper functions for reservation reports
  • CMA Reservations Resource Chart Will display a chart(s) of reservations
  • CMA Series Request A module that handles the Series Request related hooks
  • CMA Series Slot Module will allow operators to schedule series slots. Each slot is either a premiere of a show or a repeat of a show.
  • CMA Show Request Module will manipulate admin scheduling fields to handle show requests
  • CMA Role Home A very simple module that allows you to set a home page page for each role
  • CMA Telvue Defines API functions to allow Drupal to communicate with a Telvue system.
  • CMA Telvue Airing Import – Allows importing of telvue schedules without the dependencies of feeds. Provides a UI for stations to manually run imports as well as set options for how to deal with imports.
  • CMA Timespan Helper module to store things like the dates of a Season

CM Bootstrap

  • CM Bootstrap CM Bootstrap is a suite of modules and themes specifically designed for community media centers. CM Bootstrap can be integrated with an existing Drupal 7 site, or you can use it to build an entirely new Drupal 7 website. It also integrates seamlessly with multiple master control systems to reduce data entry and keep content and schedules up-to-date. Learn more about CM Bootstrap and its features.



  • SPNN TV Schedule Example module of how to import “Airings” without using Feeds.


Open Signal PCM